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Why Israel ?

Israel draws constant attention from around the globe for many reasons. But it does not draw enough attention—or credit—for its economic accomplishments, its path-breaking innovation, and the compelling investment opportunities that it provides. Particularly in the context of strong global investment flows to emerging and newly-developed economies, Israel is too often overlooked. Thus, international investors who do not have exposure to Israel’s capital markets are missing out on a lucrative opportunity—to potentially enhance returns while adding diversification to their global portfolios…click here to read more

Why Now ?

There have long been compelling reasons to invest in Israel. Both multinational corporate activity and portfolio investment by institutional and individual investors surged during the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century, despite Israel’s security challenges from its neighbors and the continued geopolitical turmoil in the broader Middle East…click here to read more

Who is Investing in Israel ?

The City of Akron, Ohio

Warren Buffett

George Gilder

Al Gore

Eric Schmidt