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The Street: Why You Need to Invest in Israel’s Often-Overlooked Technology Companies

10/13/15 – 01:01 PM EDT – NEW YORK (TheStreet) — A popular children’s book from the early 1960s described Israel as a land of “bibles and Boeings,” “camels and Cadillacs.” This is Israel called the desert town of Beersheva, “a city of research where...

JPost: TASE, BlueStar launch ‘Start-Up Nation Index’

Published on Mar 25 2015 // Business and Financial News, Market, The Daily Pick
The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and BlueStar Indexes on Tuesday launched a “Start-up Nation Index” that will track Israeli tech companies listed both locally and internationally. “TA -BIGITech is the first and only benchmark tracking a broad, deep and complete universe of major Israeli technology companies...

An Interview with Saul Singer, Co-Author of the Book ‘Startup Nation’ and One of Israel’s Greatest Thinkers

Published on Dec 29 2014 // Business and Financial News, The Daily Pick
DECEMBER 25, 2014-Over the years, I have done quite a few killer interviews and I am very proud of the long list. Having said that, the opportunity to have interviewed Saul Singer is definitely at the top of my list. If you are not familiar (how are you not familiar?), Saul wrote the book “Startup...

BlueStar Indexes: December 2014 Semi-Annual Rebalancing Further Broadens Both Indexes

Published on Dec 23 2014 // Business and Financial News, Market, The Daily Pick
December 22, 2014-The BlueStar Israel Global Index (“BIGI® ”) and the BlueStar Israel Global Technology Index (“BIGITech”) today underwent their December semi-annual rebalance, effective December 22nd before U.S. markets opened for trade. The most significant addition to both indexes were Mobileye...

The Economist: The scale-up nation

Published on Dec 12 2014 // Business and Financial News, Economy, The Daily Pick
Dec 13th 2014-ISRAEL is rightly proud of its status as a startup nation. It boasts the world’s highest concentration of high-tech startups per head. Almost 1,000 new firms are launched every year. But all this entrepreneurial activity is not creating enough jobs as the population grows: the share of...

BlueStar Indexes: Shekel Weakness Masks Equity Gains

Published on Dec 09 2014 // Business and Financial News, Market, The Daily Pick
Israeli equity benchmark performance was directed primarily by the foreign exchange market in November: The shekel-denominated TA- 100 index gained nearly as much as the S&P 500 index – despite flat to down months in most other Emerging and Developed Markets – while the BlueStar Israel Global...

BlueStar Israel Equity Update

Published on Oct 09 2014 // Columnists, Market, The Daily Pick
Global equity markets experienced significant volatility in September. We believe this volatility was driven by the following factors: fears of a sooner-than-expected rise in U.S. interest rates, concern that the European Central Bank does not have the capacity to revive economic growth and inflation,...

Bloomberg: New School ETFs Think Global to Track Local

Published on Sep 26 2014 // Business and Financial News, Market, The Daily Pick
Sep 25, 2014 2:16 PM ET-Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Is Bob Dylan folk or rock? Is the Alibaba initial public offering China or U.S.? The largest IPO in history showed how tricky it is for index-makers to fit some foreign companies into tidy categories. As a Chinese company domiciled in the Cayman...

Bloomberg: Israel’s Economy Can Withstand Long Conflict: Lapid

TheEconomicTimes: What makes Israel with just eight million people, an innovation hub

Published on Dec 02 2013 // Business and Financial News, The Daily Pick
TheEconomicTimes: What makes Israel with just eight million people, an innovation hub
Nov 8, 2013, 11.27AM IST-The presence of thousands of startups, and more engineers per capita than anywhere else in the world, makes Israel a natural hub for innovation. Best known for defence- and – military-inspired technologies, entrepreneurs across the nation are now focussed on building the...