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About Us is a resource on the Israeli economy and the range of investment opportunities that Israel presents. Our audience includes novice investors with minimal knowledge about Israel and its financial markets; sophisticated investors who have experience in Israeli markets; and everyone in between. is premised on the idea that Israel presents a compelling investment opportunity and that the story behind why Israel has become such an attractive investment is worth telling. Some of the key themes of this story are that:

  • Israel’s Capital Market is uniquely global and undergoing strong and sustainable growth. Equity markets have been robust, the local bond market is developing rapidly, and Israeli real estate markets are buoyant.
  • Israel’s competitiveness is relentless. For example, it ranks third in global venture capital investment and it is home to more than sixty research and development centers of leading multinational corporations.
  • Israel has consistently demonstrated strong macro-economic management, even in the face of regional conflict and global financial crises. recognizes that the Israeli economy cannot be analyzed or understood entirely outside the realm of geopolitical events. Thus, we seek also to educate our viewers about how political events are affecting, or are likely to affect, the Israeli economy and capital markets. And, at, you will find a variety of resources that provide wide-ranging information about Israel and the Middle East. is produced by a team with diverse experience in finance, economics and public policy.’s founder and its executive director and editor work also for the newly-founded financial information and research firm BlueStar Global Investors LLC, which has broad expertise in the Israeli, Mideast and Mediterranean capital markets. BlueStar Global Investors’ subsidiary BlueStar Indexes has developed a benchmark index for investors to track the broad and deep universe of Israeli public companies. To the extent that information about BlueStar’s products appears on, it is for informational purposes only. is an unbiased and open forum. It does not recommend that its readers buy or sell any particular securities. Nor does it guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information, statements or opinions expressed on the website by individuals or organizations.

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