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Globes: Marius Nacht founds $100m life sciences fund

November 15, 2016, 15:44 – “I’m wishing for the creation of another Teva or another Check Point in healthcare.”

Marius Nacht, one of the three cofounders of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP) and the company’s chairman in the past few years, is founding an investment fund focused on life sciences, estimated at $100 million. Reuters reports that Nacht has so far invested his own money in over ten startups and is now interested in expanding his operations and turning them into an official fund.

Nacht told Reuters, “I’m wishing for the creation of another Teva or another Check Point in healthcare. We are not here to sell out, we are really here to try … and create a big company in the field of biomed in Israel.” Nacht added that the fund will invest in companies with the potential of becoming self-sufficient.

One of the companies Nacht has already invested in is DayTwo, a company providing personalized nutrition based on the composition of intestinal bacteria, which is unique to each individual. DayTwo was founded at Nacht’s initiative, based on the findings of a Weizmann Institute research in which participated…..Read More>>

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