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Globes: “Globes” names Mobileye Israel’s tech co of the decade

September 28, 2016, 17:35 –¬†Shashua: We went from being a supplier in 2014 to being a partner of BMW and Intel in July 2016.

Mobileye(NYSE: MBLY), the “Globes” tech company of the decade, which has already existed for 17 years, is a leader in technology for computer vision, machine learning, information analysis, location and mapping for advanced driving systems, and autonomous driving systems. Its systems are installed in 13 million vehicles around the world, and some readers have undoubtedly witnessed the performance of some of their simpler systems.

In order to get to know the company better, other than through its financial numbers, we conversed at length with Mobileye cofounders chairman Amnon Shashua (the company’s technology brain) and CEO Ziv Aviram. They usually prefer to stay away from the media, and since the company held its Wall Street IPO, they have given very few interviews. We also talked with Colmobil auto agency (importer of Mercedes, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi cars) controlling shareholder Shmuel Harlap, the largest private shareholder in Mobileye….Read More>>

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