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Globes: Unemployment in Israel falls to new low

Published on Aug 23 2016 // Business and Financial News, Economy

August 22, 2016. 13:53 –┬áThe July unemployment rate was 4.7%, but more people are in part-time work.

Israel’s unemployment rate fell to a new low of 4.7% in July, according to figures released today by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The figures indicate further improvement in the rate of participation in the workforce among those aged 15 and above, to 64.4%, which compares with 64.2% in June. The rate of employment among those aged 15 and above also rose, to 61.3% from 61.1% in June.

The number people aged 15 and above participating in the workforce reached 3.940 million in July. Of these, 3.756 million were employed and 184 thousand were unemployed…..Read More>>>

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