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The Jerusalem Post: Israel emerges as a player on the world stage

Published on Jul 25 2016 // Business and Financial News, Economy, Opinion

07/24/2016, 20:04 – With over 250 foreign companies creating research facilities in Israel, its strong high-tech capability has been rated by the University of Lausanne as one of the top five world powers in this key area.

The emergence of Israel as a small but significant player on the world stage is one of the remarkable developments at the end of the post-Cold War era. The slow economic growth of the United States (2.5 percent/ capita) and Europe (1.5% GDP/capita) has shown the weakness of the status quo powers. The American semi-withdrawal from the Middle East and the British withdrawal from the European Union have opened the door to new powers.

The chaos in the Middle East and the rise of revisionist authoritarian states such as Russia, China and Iran and democratic states like India raise the possibility of a new world order. This would be partly dominated by hardline conservative nationalism, charismatic leadership, slow economic growth and hostility to the old globalist order……….Read More >>

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