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Android Headlines: BMW, Intel, and Mobileye to Enter Autonomous Car Partnership

June 30, 2016 – According to numerous reports over the years, BMW is rather interested in making autonomous vehicles and Intel—being the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker— definitely wants to get in on the driverless cars action. Now, it seems like the two companies will work together on creating driver-free cars. As sources from Germany reported earlier today, BMW will soon announce an autonomous cars partnership with Intel and Mobileye. Given how the latter company specializes in advanced collision detection systems, it’s to be presumed Mobileye will be the party that will work on the technological aspect of this project while Intel and BMW will provide it with the necessary chips and cars to make functioning driverless cars a reality as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Reuters’ analysts stated that BMW, Intel, and Mobileye could easily have the first fruits of their partnership driving on roads “early in the next decade”. More specifically, even BMW itself has recently stated that it’s planning to launch a premium autonomous vehicle in 2021. Of course, the European automakers are not the only ones with plans on manufacturing driverless vehicles in the near future. Chinese firms are strongly interested in developing such machinations and both Apple and Google have been racing to release an autonomous vehicle for years. Naturally, this isn’t just a simple tech race as most consumers want automation in their vehicles and have repeatedly said so……….Read More>>

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