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Times of Israel: Israel Has a Chance to Become the World IoT (Internet of Things) Leader

Published on May 31 2016 // Business and Innovation, Opinion

MAY 29, 2016, 12:09 PM – A few days ago, on May, 19, Grove Ventures, one of the largest and most successful Israeli high-tech companies, co-founded a $100 million venture capital fund for investment into the fields of IoT, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The fund is supported by an international investment base including companies originating in Israel, Japan, the USA, China, Europe and Taiwan.

By now, most people have already encountered the Internet of Things in this or that form, or even introduced it in their lives full-time. However, despite it being a centerpiece of many a tech show for the last few years, the industry still remains rather ambiguous, both to supposed end users and investors. Nevertheless, it seems that Israeli businesses, investors and tech developers are taking huge steps in this direction and have every chance of becoming the world leaders in this area………………Read More>>

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