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Times of Israel: Israeli start-up is Samsung’s secret weapon against Apple Watch

Published on Nov 24 2014 // Business and Financial News, Market

November 20, 2014, 3:22 pm-Israeli’s LifeBEAM, a maker of bio-sensing technology to monitor pulse, calories, and other vital signs in athletes, is now a central player in the tech world’s next big product war.

LifeBEAM tech will power devices built using the new Samsung Simband platform, the Korean tech giant announced. Those devices are set to be Samsung’s answer to the Apple Watch – reflecting another facet of the ongoing struggle between the two companies for dominance in the device world.

Samsung and Apple have for years vied in smartphone sales. Apple’s iPhones are by far the biggest sellers in the US, accounting for about 40% of the market (that figure does not include data on new sales of the iPhone 6 series; statistics have not yet been compiled on those sales), with Samsung’s devices constituting about 25%-30% of phones sold. The two companies compete in the tablet space as well, with Samsung in second place in number of tablets shipped, behind Apple. At the end of Q2 2014, Apple had sold 16.4 million iPads worldwide over the previous 12 months, compared to 11.2 million tablets Samsung had sold…Read More>>

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