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An Interview with crowdfunding platform

Published on Jun 21 2012 // Features, Other, The Daily Pick


June 2012–

What is

Jewcer is a crowdfunding platform for projects, ideas and causes benefiting the global Jewish community and Israel.

Jewcer empowers and enables individuals and organizations with innovative projects, ideas and causes to receive financing through small pledges collected from many funders. It is the newest way for people connected to the Jewish community and/or Israel to give directly to projects, ideas and causes they support. Projects can come from any field — cultural or technological, secular or religious, a small business, a personal project or an advocacy campaign — as long as it creates a positive link to the Jewish community and Israel. Jewcer hosts projects created both by individuals and by established organizations. It allows both individuals and organizations direct access to the projects and programming they want to support and take part in.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a growing trend for projects, ideas and causes large and small. The idea of crowdfunding is based on a principle that it is easier to get 100 people to love your idea and each give you $10 than to find one person who will give you $1000. As more people understand the intersection between social networks and fundraising campaigns, crowdfunding provides a way to turn social capital into monetary gain.

A person with an idea can use an online platform, to showcase her/his project and collect money from “the crowd”. Through crowdfunding platforms, like Jewcer, a person can collect small contributions from his/her networks to bring the project to life.

Jewcer, which is a niche market crowdfunding platform, allows the user to follow and participate in new Jewish innovations. The Jewcer Team aspires to become the leading place for funding Jewish ideas which will benefit Jewish communities and/or Israel. This platform also provides access for people with projects that may have no other way of raising funds.

Jewcer’s crowdfunding model is based on the crowdfunding concept of all-or-nothing funding. In other words, a project which sets a $3,000 funding goal in a 75-day time period must raise the $3,000 on or before the deadline otherwise no money is released to the project manager. This adds both a game layer to encourage campaigning on behalf of the project by the project manager, friends, family, funders and followers. It also provides security for the people who pledge money to the project. If the goal is met, then the funders know they will receive a reward in return for their support. It is the best way to prevent fraud or scams in the online space because it holds the project managers reliable.

What’s Jewcer’s story?

In September 2011, a small group of Jewish and Israeli young professionals, based in Los Angeles, were inspired to change the way the “next generation” of the Jewish community connected with each other within the Jewish community and in relationship to Israel. This team set out to help tackle two key problems facing the Jewish community: a younger generation disconnected from both the Jewish community and Israel and the absence of a platform to showcase new ideas coming from the next generation. The idea they came up with is

Jewcer launched in March 2012 with ten diverse projects created by individuals based in the United States. On April 15, Jewcer welcomed its first organization-based project onto the platform. And just two months after launch, on May 22, 2012 the first project successfully met its funding goal. By June 6, 2012 a total of eight projects successfully met their funding goals.

The Jewcer Team is dedicated to building stronger and more innovative Jewish communities and strengthen support for Israel by creating this platform tied to a common heritage with shared values and traditions. Jewcer connects with and understand the mindset of “generation now” and speaks their language in order to encourage involvement in Jewish life in diverse ways. Creating, supporting and participating in projects on Jewcer is an investment in the global Jewish community and Israel.

How does Jewcer benefit Israel?

The Jewcer Team is passionate about supporting and helping Israel and encourages individuals, student groups and organizations who are developing new and innovative ways to advocate for Israel to crowdfund projects on Jewcer.

Projects that are focused on the exchange of people, ideas and information about Israel serve to benefit Israel in many ways. Jewcer would like to see projects such as people-to-people exchanges (Israelis visiting foreign countries or non-Israelis visiting Israel) or advocacy programs to inform about Israel can be projects on Jewcer.

For example, an individual who wants to make an advocacy movie for $2,000. The project innovator reaches out to his/her networks and gets 200 people to pledge to the Israel advocacy project. If and when the project is successful, those 200 people who each pledged $10 are the automatic distribution base for this newly created advocacy film. They will not only watch the movie but will share it with their networks because they helped make the the film become a reality.

Finally, the Jewcer Team firmly believes that a stronger more connected global Jewish community comprised of Israelis and Jews around the world can strengthen Israel through innovative ideas, cooperation and communication.

What projects on the Jewcer platform are connected to Israel?

Currently, there are two projects on Jewcer that are directly linked to Israel advocacy. The first is the “Israel Ambassadors Program” which is the first project to reach its funding goal! Run by Shomrei Torah Synagogue in West Hills, California, this program will allow Jewish teenagers to learn more about Israel how to advocate on behalf of Israel to their members of Congress and to their non-Jewish peers. The program also helps to place students into internships that will enhance their experience in the Israel advocacy sector and future careers.

To learn more about, share and pledge to the Israel Ambassador Program, clickhere.

The second project on the Jewcer platform which is directly benefiting the Israeli people is “Comedy for Koby”. Comedy for Koby is a comedy tour which brings well-known American comedians to Israel where they travel the country bringing laughter to the people and learn about Israel in the process. The comedians return to the U.S. with an amazingly positive experience with Israel and can use their voices and comedic platforms to share their experience with others. The comedy tour also benefits the Koby Mandell Foundation which helps to support families victimized by terror.

To learn more about, share and pledge to Comedy for Koby, clickhere.

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