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Who’s Investing in Israel? Al Gore

Published on Feb 15 2012 // Features, Who's Investing in Israel















The Climate Solutions Fund, an investment vehicle of Generation Investment Management, which is chaired by Al Gore,  invested $10 million in the company Tigo Energy in 2011. Tigo is headquartered in Palo Alto, but its technology is developed in Israel, which houses its development center. Gore’s fund has an environmental focus and Tigo Energy produces technology to increase the efficiency of solar energy systems. In 2010, Gore’s fund invested $10 million in GreenRoad, an Israeli-founded technology company (now also headquartered in California) that produces technology used to analyze driving behavior with the goal of improving fuel efficiency. GreenRoad’s founder told The Jerusalem Post in 2010: “We all know the potential that Israel has in the cleantech sector and we put our association with Israel front and center in all our meetings.” For more information on Gore’s investment in Israel, see:

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