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Published on Jun 10 2011 // Resources


General Research

Structuring Israel’s Sovereign Investment Fund, December 12, 2011

Israel and the Global Equity Market Changes in Global Index Reclassifications and Their Impact on Portfolio Investment Flows in Israel by Glenn Yago, Alma Gadot-Perez, Tong (Cindy) Li, Patricia Reiter, Laura Segafredo, Adi Hachmon and Ronit Purian-Lukatch November 1, 2009 Publisher: Milken Institute

Beyond Bachar: Next Steps for Financial Reform by Amit Goldwasser, Diana Zaks, Shahar Shlush, and Glenn Yago; Editor: Ronit Purian-Lukatch, Deputy Director, Koret-Milken Institute Fellows Program July 25, 2007 Publisher: Milken Institute


The Milken Institute’s Coverage of the Tent Protests & Related Research

  • On the streets, MIIC Senior Director Glenn Yago has been meeting with demonstrators in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in the large tents that serve as gathering places…” (Hebrew)
  • On the blog, read MIIC expert Steven Zecher’s take on the demonstrations and his explanation of how the Israel Center has been out in front on many of these challenges…”
  • In the field, the young professionals in our Koret-Milken Institute Fellows Program are researching solutions for many issues that are relevant to the protesters…”
  • Research: For the Milken Institute’s previous research on related subjects visit,

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